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<a href=Marinka Zitnik" />

Marinka Zitnik

Assistant Professor

<a href=Ada Fang" />

Ada Fang

PhD Student

<a href=Michelle M. Li" />

Michelle M. Li

PhD Student

<a href=Yasha Ektefaie" />

Yasha Ektefaie

PhD Student

<a href=Valentina Giunchiglia" />

Valentina Giunchiglia

PhD Student
Imperial College London

<a href=Guadalupe Gonzalez" />

Guadalupe Gonzalez

PhD Student
Imperial College London

<a href=Yepeng Huang" />

Yepeng Huang

PhD Student

<a href=Jason Poulos" />

Jason Poulos

Postdoctoral Fellow
Brigham and Women's Hospital

<a href=Jonathan Richard Schwarz" />

Jonathan Richard Schwarz

Postdoctoral Fellow

<a href=Shanghua Gao" />

Shanghua Gao

Postdoctoral Fellow

<a href=Tianlong Chen" />

Tianlong Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow

<a href=George Dasoulas" />

George Dasoulas

Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard Data Science Fellow

<a href=Wanxiang Shen" />

Wanxiang Shen

Postdoctoral Fellow

<a href=Ruth Johnson" />

Ruth Johnson

Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard Berkowitz Fellow

<a href=Lei Huang" />

Lei Huang

Visiting PhD Student

<a href=Zaixi Zhang" />

Zaixi Zhang

Visiting PhD Student

<a href=Owen Queen" />

Owen Queen

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Tom Cobley" />

Tom Cobley

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Varun Ullanat" />

Varun Ullanat

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Diego Trujillo" />

Diego Trujillo

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Michelle Dai" />

Michelle Dai

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Ayush Noori" />

Ayush Noori

Undergraduate Researcher

<a href=Ivy Liang" />

Ivy Liang

Undergraduate Researcher

Lab alumni

  • Ziyuan Zhao (Undergraduate Researcher → Systems Biology PhD Student, Harvard Medical School)
  • Nicholas Ho (Undergraduate Researcher → Computer Science PhD Student, Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Yepeng Huang (Graduate Researcher at Harvard Chan → Biological and Medical Sciences PhD Student, Harvard Medical School)
  • Marissa Sumathipala (Undergraduate Researcher at Harvard College; Gates Cambridge Scholarship; Churchill Scholarship; Cambridge University → Neuroscience PhD Student, Harvard University)
  • Julia Balla (Undergraduate Researcher at MIT → Computer Science PhD Student, MIT)
  • Jiali Cheng (Undergraduate Researcher → Computer Science PhD Student, UMass Lowell)
  • Isuru Herath (Undergraduate Researcher → Data Scientist, Merck)
  • Jean-Guillaume Brasier (Harvard IACS Graduate Student → Data Scientist, Moderna)
  • Marie Zhang (HMS)
  • Man Qing Liang (HMS → Data Scientist, Dandelion)
  • Payal Chandak (Undergraduate Researcher → Harvard-MIT HST PhD Student, Harvard University & MIT)
  • Xiang Zhang (Postdoctoral Fellow, HMS → Assistant Professor, UNC Charlotte)
  • Chirag Agarwal (Postdoctoral Fellow, HMS → Research Scientist, Adobe Research)
  • Josh Pan (Postdoctoral Fellow, Broad Institute → Research Scientist, DeepMind)
  • Michelle Lu (Harvard College)
  • Raunak Chowdhuri (MIT)
  • Marie Zhang (HMS)
  • Satvik Tripathi (Undergraduate Researcher, Drexel University)
  • Varun Tekur (Undergraduate Researcher)
  • Lydia Fozo (Undergraduate Researcher, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Kexin Huang (Harvard Chan → Computer Science PhD Student, Stanford University)
  • Haoxin Li (Harvard Chan)
  • Yucong Lin (Harvard Chan → Beijing Institute of Technology)
  • Mert Erden (Tufts University)
  • Jingyi Liu (HMS)
  • Yujie Shao (HMS)
  • Stone Chen (HMS)
  • Kathleen Sucipto (HMS)
  • Min Jean Cho (Undergraduate Researcher, Brown University)

Latest News

Nov 2023:   Next Generation of Therapeutics Commons

Oct 2023:   Structure-Based Drug Design

Geometric deep learning has emerged as a valuable tool for structure-based drug design, to generate and refine biomolecules by leveraging detailed three-dimensional geometric and molecular interaction information.

Oct 2023:   Graph AI in Medicine

Graph AI models in medicine integrate diverse data modalities through pre-training, facilitate interactive feedback loops, and foster human-AI collaboration, paving the way to clinically meaningful predictions.

Sep 2023:   New papers accepted at NeurIPS

Sep 2023:   Future Directions in Network Biology

Excited to share our perspectives on current and future directions in network biology.

Aug 2023:   Scientific Discovery in the Age of AI

Jul 2023:   PINNACLE - Contextual AI protein model

PINNACLE is a contextual AI model for protein understanding that dynamically adjusts its outputs based on biological contexts in which it operates. Project website.

Jun 2023:   Our Group is Joining the Kempner Institute

Excited to join Kempner’s inaugural cohort of associate faculty to advance Kempner’s mission of studying the intersection of natural and artificial intelligence.

Jun 2023:   Welcoming a New Postdoctoral Fellow

An enthusiastic welcome to Shanghua Gao who is joining our group as a postdoctoral research fellow.

Jun 2023:   On Pretraining in Nature Machine Intelligence

May 2023:   Congratulations to Ada and Michelle

Congrats to PhD student Michelle on being selected as the 2023 Albert J. Ryan Fellow and also to participate in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Congratulations to PhD student Ada for being selected as the Kempner Institute Graduate Fellow!

Apr 2023:   Universal Domain Adaptation at ICML 2023

New paper introducing the first model for closed-set and universal domain adaptation on time series accepted at ICML 2023. Raincoat addresses feature and label shifts and can detect private labels. Project website.

Apr 2023:   Celebrating Achievements of Our Undergrads

Undergraduate researchers Ziyuan, Nick, Yepeng, Jiali, Julia, and Marissa are moving onto their PhD research in Computer Science, Systems Biology, Neuroscience, and Biological & Medical Sciences at Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, and UMass Lowell. We are excited for the bright future they created for themselves.

Apr 2023:   Welcoming a New Postdoctoral Fellow

An enthusiastic welcome to Tianlong Chen, our newly appointed postdoctoral fellow.

Apr 2023:   New Study in Nature Machine Intelligence

New paper in Nature Machine Intelligence introducing the blueprint for multimodal learning with graphs.

Mar 2023:   Precision Health in Nature Machine Intelligence

New paper with NASA in Nature Machine Intelligence on biomonitoring and precision health in deep space supported by artificial intelligence.

Mar 2023:   Self-Driving Labs in Nature Machine Intelligence

Mar 2023:   TxGNN - Zero-shot prediction of therapeutic use

Mar 2023:   GraphXAI published in Scientific Data

Feb 2023:   Welcoming New Postdoctoral Fellows

A warm welcome to postdoctoral fellows Wanxiang Shen and Ruth Johnson. Congratulations to Ruthie for being named a Berkowitz Fellow.

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