Advising and Mentoring

Open positions
<a href=Marinka Zitnik" />

Marinka Zitnik

Assistant Professor

<a href=Michelle M. Li" />

Michelle M. Li

PhD Student

<a href=Yasha Ektefaie" />

Yasha Ektefaie

PhD Student

<a href=Guadalupe Gonzalez" />

Guadalupe Gonzalez

PhD Student
Imperial College London

<a href=Huan He" />

Huan He

Postdoctoral Fellow

<a href=George Dasoulas" />

George Dasoulas

Postdoctoral Fellow

<a href=Payal Chandak" />

Payal Chandak

PhD Student
Harvard-MIT HST

<a href=Man Qing Liang, PharmD" />

Man Qing Liang, PharmD

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Owen Queen" />

Owen Queen

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Yepeng Huang" />

Yepeng Huang

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Marie Zhang" />

Marie Zhang

Graduate Researcher

<a href=Ziyuan Zhao" />

Ziyuan Zhao

Undergraduate Researcher

<a href=Isuru Herath" />

Isuru Herath

Visiting Fellow

<a href=Nicholas Ho" />

Nicholas Ho

Visiting Fellow

<a href=Satvik Tripathi" />

Satvik Tripathi

Visiting Fellow

<a href=Ayush Noori" />

Ayush Noori

Undergraduate Researcher

<a href=Jiali Cheng" />

Jiali Cheng

Research Fellow

<a href=Julia Balla" />

Julia Balla

Research Fellow

Associate members

<a href=Xiang Zhang" />

Xiang Zhang

Assistant Professor
UNC Charlotte

<a href=Chirag Agarwal" />

Chirag Agarwal

Research Scientist
Adobe Research

<a href=Josh Pan" />

Josh Pan

Research Scientist

Lab alumni

  • Marissa Sumathipala (Harvard College, 2022; Gates Cambridge Scholarship; Churchill Scholarship; Cambridge University)
  • Xiang Zhang (Postdoctoral Fellow, HMS, 2022; Assistant Professor, UNC Charlotte)
  • Chirag Agarwal (Postdoctoral Fellow, HMS, 2022; Research Scientist, Adobe Research)
  • Josh Pan (Postdoctoral Fellow, Broad Institute, 2022; Research Scientist, DeepMind)
  • Michelle Lu (Harvard College, 2022)
  • Raunak Chowdhuri (MIT, 2022)
  • Varun Tekur (Harvard College, 2022)
  • Lydia Fozo (Johns Hopkins University, 2022)
  • Kexin Huang (Harvard Chan, 2021; CS PhD Student, Stanford)
  • Haoxin Li (Harvard Chan, 2021)
  • Yucong Lin (Harvard Chan, 2021; Beijing Institute of Technology)
  • Mert Erden (Tufts University, 2021)
  • Jingyi Liu (HMS, 2021)
  • Yujie Shao (HMS, 2020)
  • Stone Chen (HMS, 2020)
  • Kathleen Sucipto (HMS, 2020)
  • Min Jean Cho (Brown University, 2020)

Latest News

Sep 2022:   New Paper in Nature Chemical Biology

Our paper on artificial intelligence foundation for therapeutic science is published in Nature Chemical Biology.

Sep 2022:   Self-Supervised Pre-Training at NeurIPS 2022

New paper on self-supervised contrastive pre-training accepted at NeurIPS 2022. Project page. Thankful for this collaboration with the Lincoln National Laboratory.

Sep 2022:   Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at IEEE VIS

Our paper on user-centric AI of drug repurposing received the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at IEEE VIS 2022. Thankful for this collaboration with Gehlenborg Lab.

Sep 2022:   Multimodal Representation Learning with Graphs

Aug 2022:   On Graph AI for Precision Medicine

The recording of our tutorial on using graph AI to advance precision medicine is available. Tune into four hours of interactive lectures about state-of-the-art graph AI methods and applications in precision medicine.

Aug 2022:   Evaluating Explainability for GNNs

New preprint! We introduce a resource for broad evaluation of the quality and reliability of GNN explanations, addressing challenges and providing solutions for GNN explainability. Project website.

Jul 2022:   New Frontiers in Graph Learning at NeurIPS

Excited to organize the New Frontiers in Graph Learning workshop at NeurIPS.

Jul 2022:   AI4Science at NeurIPS

We are excited to host the AI4Science meeting at NeurIPS discussing AI-driven scientific discovery, implementation and verification of AI in science, the influence AI has on the conduct of science, and more.

Jul 2022:   Graph AI for Precision Medicine at ISMB

Jul 2022:   Welcoming Fellows and Summer Students

Welcoming a research fellow Julia Balla and three Summer students, Nicholas Ho, Satvik Tripathi, and Isuru Herath.

Jun 2022:   Broadly Generalizable Pre-Training Approach

Excited to share a preprint on self-supervised method for pre-training. Project website with evaluation on eight datasets, including electrodiagnostic testing, human daily activity recognition, and health state monitoring.

Jun 2022:   Welcoming New Postdocs

Excited to welcome George Dasoulas and Huan He, new postdocs joining us this Summer.

May 2022:   George Named the 2022 Wojcicki Troper Fellow

May 2022:   New preprint on PrimeKG

New preprint on building knowledge graphs to enable precision medicine applications.

May 2022:   Building KGs to Support Precision Medicine

Apr 2022:   Webster on the Cover of Cell Systems

Webster is on the cover of April issue of Cell Systems. Webster uses cell viability changes following gene perturbation to automatically learn cellular functions and pathways from data.

Apr 2022:   NASA Space Biology

Dr. Zitnik will serve on the Science Working Group at NASA Space Biology.

Mar 2022:   Yasha's Graduate Research Fellowship

Yasha won the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship. Congratulations!

Mar 2022:   AI4Science at ICML 2022

We are excited to be selected to organize the AI4Science meeting at ICML 2022. Stay tuned for details.

Mar 2022:   Graph Algorithms in Biomedicine at PSB 2023

Excited to be organizing a session on Graph Algorithms at PSB 2023. Stay tuned for details.

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